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No Hidden Cost

No Pressure Selling.

Why? Without rental cost

to cover, every penny translates

to your savings!

Quality Products

Photo papers of our 

5R & A4 prints are

imported from Switzerland

Signature flush mount albums are direct from USA.


Wanna change some


Special requests?

Talk to us, sometimes,

it might not cost

you a single cent 

at all!

Giving the best

We capped intake at 

8 sessions per month.

Because each newborn

is worth our

120% (and more)



the lady behind the camera.

Right. Who am I?

THE most difficult question.Hmm.

Well, I'm fun-sized Singaporean lady who grew up in a close-knitted family located at the northeastern part of the island. Absolutely love anything purple, wood works, graphic design works, home cooks & PHOTOGRAPHY!

My love for photography grew from a seed planted by my grandma when I was a child. 'n' years ago, photo album flipping was THE perfect activity (besides watching TV) for grandma - grandkid bonding time. I would pick the lucky album filled with parents' childhood photos and grandma would start telling me stories about my parents' growing up years, the hardships during and post WWII and how fortunate I am today.

My 7 year old brain at that time was always fascinated to see my parents at my age, the kampong they lived in and every celebration they had. And unknowingly, that made an lasting impact in my life.

And so, without any photography background, I started off as a graphic designer in a local event photography company in 2010 and eventually became a photographer along the way with the help of my mentors. With each step forward, I was able to capture the precious milestones in one's life.

Through the years, I've met many great clients who many have become friends. The journey of growing with them, watching them getting married, growing a bump, 1 kid to 2, watching their kids grow up... personally, it is a truly amazing feeling. ahhhh - Life.

I hope someday my clients will pick up these little time capsules I've created and start telling their children, their grandchildren about their very own, life story.

"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

                                                                                            — Ralph Hattersley 






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